Art of bezo97

Xaos Node Editor
A small program that helps designing the xaos structure of flame fractals.

Features: (currently wip)
-Fluxogram-sytle node editor: easily edit the connections between xforms
-Auto-generated layouts: untangle nodes for better visibility
-Import/export flame: compatibility with Apophysis7X

Variation picker, grouping, pre/post-affine editing, Chaotica import/export, undo function
Message me for feature requests, ideas - Contact me

-Click the Import button to read Apophysis7X flame parameters from clipboard
-Choose one of the layout options if nodes are tangled
-Left double click on empty space to place a new xform
-Left click on xform to edit its properties: name, weight, opacity, variations
-Left click on a connection's arrow to edit weight value
-Left drag to make a connection between two xform
-Left drag from/to empty space to add linked xform
-Right double click to remove xform or connection
-Right drag an xform to move position
-Click the Export button to generate Apophysis7X flame parameters to clipboard.
It'll be pasted into Apophysis7X-16 32bit if it's open.
-Hold Ctrl + scroll mouse to resize nodes

-Right drag on empty space to move around
-Mouse scroll to zoom in/out

Windows with .Net framework (already installed on newer versions)

New version work in progress, contact me for questions. 2018.03.23.